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executive Coaching

Coaching is a business tool that focuses on individual performance in a business context. It’s a collaborative relationship, built on trust between the coach and client. An executive coaches role is to support, inspire and become a thinking partner to help people achieve results. All coaches on our roster are ICF Credentialed


Demand for coaching continues to increase because of proven results. Ask anyone who has worked with a coach, they will likely tell you it’s effective for the following reasons:

• Increases self awareness and self reliance
• Individuals establish and take action towards goals

• Fosters responsibility and accountability for commitments
• Enhances your leadership “toolkit”
• Builds more productive relationships through enhanced communication skills



  • In Person, Over the Phone and Virtual

  • Policy Development

  • Train the Trainer 

1:1 coaching

If you are committed to professional or personal growth, coaching is for you! Through regular confidential meetings with your coach, you will craft goals and strategies that support your success. Adapting to an ever changing world can be challenging; don’t do it alone. Contact us to help you find a credentialed executive coach that best suits your personality, team and culture.

TEAM or group coaching

Struggling to “get things done?” Frustrated and challenged with team conflict? Team coaching is a cost effective method used to support team and individual success. Through conversation in a safe space, our coaches help teams uncover the root of challenges, craft strategies and action plans and support productivity and increased team performance.

mentor coach program

Developed uniquely for our clients, this collaborative and peer supported approach to learning is designed to support candid conversations. This program is intended to develop mentoring and coaching skills for current and future leaders. A highly interactive program built on a combination of theory, conversation and experiential learning.

  • Understand the difference between mentoring and coaching.

  • Learn how to take a coach approach to mentoring.

  • Understand the role of curiosity when mentoring, and the importance of suspending assumptions.

  • Foster sustainable relationships by learning how to create safe spaces for conversations.

Looking for an accountability partner?

Contact us to discuss matching you with a credentialed executive coach that best suits your personality, team and culture.

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