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Today’s business world presents a host of challenges for current and future leaders. For many years, assessments have been popular tools used by companies as a foundation for training. Whether for individuals or teams, they offer insights into strengths and potential areas of development for employees and teams.


By identifying an individual's unique characteristics as they pertain to interacting and leading and managing others, team members can benefit from enhanced communication and collaboration. Through our extended team, we have access to a wide range of expertise and assessments used to develop a better understanding of self and others including DISC, EQi 2.0, SEIP, MBTI, Thomas-Kilmann; inquire with us about the best match for your leaders and teams.

Green Leaves



  • Full and half day workshops (in person or virtual) supported by leadership develoment assessments.

We pride ourselves on customizing our workshops and content delivery. We encourage participants to share their thoughts openly and transparently; we work to create an environment where people feel safe and respected. Our team also has expertise to support support strategic planning sessions, host facilitated conversations and speak as keynote or session speakers at corporate events.


For many years, leadership assessments have been popular tools used by companies
for identifying and describing an individual's unique characteristics as they pertain to
interacting, leading, managing, and directing others. Often considered the foundation for
training, development and coaching, leadership assessments offer insights into
strengths and potential areas of development for employees.

DISC assessment

Unlock individual and team potential!

Arguably one of the worlds most popular behaviour assessments, this scientifically based questionnaire provides an overview of “how” and “why” people behave the way they do. It’s popularity is due in part to its simplicity and accuracy by highlighting individual strengths, areas of improvement and workplace preferences.


Through increased self awareness, your team members can gain insight into how to adapt their styles to collaborate and communicate with ease. Individual results can be plotted onto team wheels to enhance team awareness, highlight potential gaps and help enhance workplace relationships.

Insights offered by this assessment:

  • Awareness of your preferred communication style

  • Insight into what motivates each style

  • Strategies to support effective communication and collaboration



Looking to take your leadership to the next level?


Emotional intelligence is defined as a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. We use the EQ-i 2.0 assessment to measure these skills.

Insights offered by this assessment:

  • The importance of developing and fostering relationships

  • Managing one's emotions

  • Working through stressful times



Built for people who want to work better with other people.

Listed as one of the most comprehensive social and emotional intelligence assessment instruments this evidence based tool measures both social AND emotional intelligence. Using a 4 quadrant model to measure 26 competencies the report provides development suggestions, action plans and is available in both a self-scoring and 360 assessment tool. Social and emotional intelligence can be both learned and strengthened using insights from this tool to better understand oneself and their interactions with others.

Insights offered by this assessment:

  • Detailed descriptions of emotionally and socially intelligent behaviours (presence and lacking).

  • Describes in behavioural terms what it looks like when an individual has the social and emotional intelligence skills and when they don’t.

  • Suggestions for development and highlights areas of strength.


We pride ourselves on customizing our content and our team members can offer everything from strategic planning to lunch and learn experiences if you are looking to start small. No matter what format (facilitated discussion, workshop, coaching, etc), we work hard to create environments where people feel safe and respected and participants are encouraged to share their thoughts openly and transparently.

Here is a sample of some of our most popular workshops:


Don’t see the topic you want? Reach out to see if one of our team members has expertise you’re looking for.

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