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Roberta Milton

Client Services Manager

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With an extensive career in Human Resources, Roberta gracefully transitioned into the role of Client Services Manager, where her expertise in fostering strong relationships and delivering exceptional services takes center stage.


Throughout Roberta’s career, she has finely tuned her ability to comprehend the unique needs of both teams and clients.  As a Client Services Manager, Roberta is wholeheartedly committed to facilitating seamless collaborations, ensuring client satisfaction, and elevating the overall experience with our services.


Beyond the professional realm, Roberta finds immense joy in spending quality time with grandchildren and family.  This personal commitment to meaningful connections resonates in Roberta’s approach to client services, where the fusion of passion and proficiency creates an unparalleled client experience.


Meet the driving force behind our seamless client experience – Roberta, where passion meets proficiency.


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